Darius Sarrafi

Film & Game Composer

"Darius is a brilliant composer. He took my film to new heights by creating pieces of music that would allow audiences to feel a huge array of emotions. When I asked to convey a certain feeling in my film, Darius not only delivered but surpassed my expectations. From darkness to happiness, Darius can do it all!"

- Scott Aharoni, Award-winning Director of The Untimely Gift


“I love, love your work… really, perfect song…”

-Belgin Guven, Director of Marginal Remarks


"A true professional, both in demeanor and productivity. Darius' knowledge of music composition and creativity allowed him to hit the mark on every track he produced."

- Mario Morales, Software developer & project manager of The Noble Beast video game.


"Darius Sarrafi is meticulous, disciplined, and not afraid to go the extra mile of doing the research necessary to make sure you receive the most authentic soundtrack for your project. Darius makes his unparalleled work ethic, musical know-how, and love for movies work in perfect harmony."

Aaveen Marandi, Award-winning Director of Les Filles