Darius Sarrafi

Film & Game Composer

Communication - I listen attentively, can convey my ideas succinctly, and require minimal direction.

Teamwork - I thrive on collaborating with project team members to come up with the sonic palette that enhances the visuals.

Maturity - I always aim to serve the greater good of achieving what the producers and directors envision.

Passion - I am single-minded about film and game music and love moving the audience emotionally.

Proximity - I live in Orange County, CA which facilitates face to face contact with other team members.

Technology - I like to be on the bleeding edge of technology whether it be in the field of recording, MIDI orchestration, or electronic music.

Education - I have studied composition, electronic music, recording, and conducting with top notch teachers.  I have used MIDI since its inception

Ethnic - I have knowledge of and access to Persian instruments and top instrumentalists.  I can score western music using ethnic instruments.

Eclecticism - I listen to and have composed/arranged in a variety of styles ranging from classical, jazz, pop, musical theatre, to ethnic.

Budget - I can write music for live performers.  For projects with modest budgets I can create realistic MIDI mockups on my virtual orchestra. 

Access - I have access to singers (opera, musical theatre, pop, including children) and highly trained instrumentalists in different styles.

Speed - I can turn out music of high production value quickly and under stressful conditions.